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28 Jun 2017

A Short History Of Islam

The doctrines of Islam were passed down to humankind through Mohammed who is widely thought of as the last, so far, in the line of Middle Eastern prophets.

2 Jul 2017

Good Muslim Names

Like Shaadi or marriage, giving a child a good Muslim name is considered to be just as important. Arabic names construct the basis of several Muslim names.

11 Jul 2017

No Swap Forex Account or the Islamic Account

The term "swap" in the forex market, is a credit or debit resulting from daily interest rates. Swap is interchangeably used with the term "rollover rate" as well.

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  • Blog Entry
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    8 Jul 2017 Posted By Etta S.

    Muslim Style Revolution

    Islamic apparel has always varied now and during the past depending upon geographic region and also by the culture of the region. However one thing that has always been into common with islamic model, no subject what region or culture; is modesty.

  • Blog Entry
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    5 Jul 2017 Posted By Henry C.

    Islam 101- Who Is Muhammad? (PBUH) Part 1 Of 2

    Muhammad (PBUH) is, without a doubt, the most controversial figure in world history. No other personality throughout time has conjured up such overpowering emotion from the masses.

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