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8 Jul 2017

Muslim Style Revolution


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Posted By Etta S.

Islamic apparel has always varied now and during the past depending upon geographic region and also by the culture of the region. However one thing that has always been into common with islamic model, no subject what region or culture; is modesty.

A brief internet search highlights articles on a number of Islamic style festivals and exhibits and quite a few websites selling Muslim outfits and getting fashion tips. I was specially impressed by the wonderful outfits showcased at the Islamic Fashion Festival 2009, which took spot in Jakarta.

Muslim women often wear designer labels below their outer clothing and increasingly they want to wear popular outerwear as well. Devout need not mean drab. Fashion designers are waking up to this need for popular Muslim clothing, and specialised stores, websites and model shows are springing up across the UK.

European fashion labels are beginning to embrace Muslim fashion. Into June 2009 at The Saks Fifth Avenue Riyadh and Jeddah style show held at the George V hotel in Paris, top European fashion labels including John Galliano and Blumarine showcased styles wearing couture abayas.

Designers have realised that a lot of Muslim female are putting on designer brands, but that these outfit are generally covered by a black abaya. This has led them to consider the idea of producing designer abayas, will this mark the beginning of a new style trend for both Muslim and non Muslim women?

The designers and retailers seem suddenly to have woken up to the fact that Muslim lady are as interested in fashion as any other female, and whilst a cynic can put this down to the recognition of a very lucrative and as yet virtually uptapped market, a bigger availability of funky Muslim clothing must surely be good for Muslim woman everywhere.

It might be that Muslim women themselves, however well versed while in the nuances and requirements of their religion, will be best equipped to introduce classic garments to the world of high fashion.


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