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4 Jul 2017

Try Halal Fried Chicken and Experience the Difference


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Posted By Kari D.

Chicken is like the staple food for non-vegetarians across all religions as well as regions. So, the obvious choice for cutlery innovations and experimentation in the non-vegetarian category is chicken and chefs across the world have been trying to capture the juicy and finger licking taste of a fresh chick in their dishes. Moreover, American food has revolutionized the way food is cooked in the West.

It has its distinct style and flavor and has been a major hit with food lovers across the world. Often categorized as "fast food" American recipes with chicken are all about being poultry fresh, quick to cook and mouth watering delicious stuff. This has made the recipes travel to near and far countries; the most influenced one has been Canada.

"Fried chicken" has been the America's favorite memory food. It has been the flag bearer in the fast food category and has spread across the borders with a popularity that is hard to beat. Therefore, to meet the demands for this type of food many restaurateurs in Mississauga, in Canada Halal (chicken) Fast Food menus. Like in America, this type of food has become the most favored food among all ages because of simple cooking style and luscious taste.

What is halal fried chicken?

Fast food joints in Canada offer a menu of only halal chicken. So what is halal chicken? What is the difference of halal chicken with ordinary chicken? Is halal chicken healthier? Well, by halal fried chicken it typically means the regular chicken only, however, the point of difference is the way the chicken has been butchered.

Basically the Islamic laws specially describe how a chicken should be slaughtered. In the Halal way of slaughtering, the bird is butchered in matter that severs the carotid artery along with the jugular vein and the windpipe. The main characteristic of halal butchering is swift cut with a knife. It also restricts the usage of some ingredients is the breeding procedure of chicken, which in turn makes the chicken healthier to eat. Basically it restricts the usage of trans-fat or lard in halal fried chicken.

Again, in halal cooking restricts the usage of dead animal that is preserved animal for cooking. That means that the chicken used for halal fried chicken are freshly slaughtered, that involves the quality of food too. Though a religious based law, eating halal food is way heather that the original fried chicken. In other words, halal fried chicken, is as tasty as fried, only wee healthier.

What to order in a Halal Restaurant in Mississauga?

A typical good halal restaurant in Mississauga has an array of mouth water food to satisfy the taste buds of chicken lovers. Apart from the all famous fried chicken that is available in different price ranges according to the number of pieces there are also halal chicken combo, halal chicken meal, halal chicken family meal, chicken combo meals and chicken sandwich combo that one can order. These restaurants have an extensive menu in the fresh Seafood category.


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