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9 Jul 2017

More about Muslim burial traditions and customs


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Posted By Jasmine L.

As guests it is always advisable to know the burial customs and traditions of other religions such that it helps to coordinate with the Muslim, Christian and other religious friends easily at tough times.

Muslim burial customs and Muslim burial traditions are a little different to that of Christian and Hindu customs & traditions.

Muslim burial Traditions and Muslim burial customs

According to the Muslim burial customs the deceased body is to be taken to the graveyard and buried within 24 hours. The process for the burial is as follows

* Bathing of the deceased body
* Cover with white cloth or linen
* Funeral Prayers
* Carry to Burial ground face towards Mecca.

Here follows in detail. The deceased body is washed or bathed by same gender. It is one of the Muslim burial customs that male deceased body is to be washed only by men and deceased woman body by only women. If the deceased body is of child then anyone can wash.

After washing the deceased body is covered with three layers of white cloth or while linen. If the deceased body is of woman then five rounds of cloth is to be covered.

After bathing and wrapping with white clothes the body is carried funeral offerings. Women and men sit apart where the local Imam offers prayers. Women are to be carried scarfs as a part of Muslim burial traditions and also they are not allowed to visit the graveyards.

After the funeral services, the deceased body is carried to the graveyard in the local area. The graveyards align to that of Mecca. Even the deceased body is carried with face towards Mecca. It is not necessary to have a casket it carry a Muslim deceased body. Even though a casket is carried yet decoration are not seen or very limited.

At the graveyard the elder son takes the leadership to arrange the deased body to be completely covered in the grave. Near and dear ones ensure that the casket is completely buried. All the way through rose water and flowers are carried to sprinkle on the deceased body before burial. Before complete burial in the grave near & dear one throw handful of dirt on the casket after small traditional prayers at the graveyard.

Muslim Burial Tradition

Muslim burial tradition is not the same in all regions. It differs with the burial customs in Middle East to that of with Indian traditions and customs. These burial traditions and customs often vary with local leaders and geographical locations.


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